• pmk, pmk powder cas 13605-48-6

    pmk, pmk powder cas 13605-48-6

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    BDO cas 110-63-4
    Tetracaine hcl cas 136-47-0
    Procaine cas 59-46-1
    Lidocaine cas 137-58-6
    Benzocaine cas 94-09-7
    NMN cas 1094-61-7
    NR cas 1341-23-7
    Boric acid cas 11113-50-1
    N-Isopropylbenzylamine cas 102-97-6
    Tetramisole hcl cas 5086-74-8
    Levamisole cas 14769-73-4
    Phenacetin cas 62-44-2
    2-iodo-1-p-tolyl-propan-1-one cas 236117-38-7
    Paracetamol cas 103-90-2
    Pregabalin cas 148553-50-8
    Xylazine cas 7361-61-7
    (2-Bromoethyl)benzene cas 103-63-9
    4′-Methylpropiophenone cas 5337-93-9
    Valerophenone cas 1009-14-9
    Methylamine hydrochloride cas 593-51-1
    Hypophosphorous acid cas 6303-21-5
    Tetracaine cas 94-24-6
    Mannitol cas 87-78-5
    Levamisole hydrochloride cas 16595-80-5
    Dilthiazem hydrochloride cas 33286-22-5



  • Pymetrozine  CAS 123312-89-0

    Pymetrozine CAS 123312-89-0

    Pymetrozine is a member of the class of 1,2,4-triazines that is 4,5-dihydro-1,2,4-triazin-3(2H)-one substituted by a methyl group at position 6 and a (pyridin-3-ylmethylidene)amino group at position 4. It has a role as an antifeedant, an environmental contaminant, a xenobiotic and a TRPV channel modulator. It is a member of 1,2,4-triazines and a member of pyridines.

  • Tetramisole hydrochloride-CAS 5086-74-8

    Tetramisole hydrochloride-CAS 5086-74-8

    Product Name: Tetramisole HCL Specification: 99% Cas No: 5086-74-8 Appearance: White crystalline powder Molecular formula: C11H12N2S.HCl Molecular weight: 240.75 Certificate: ISO/Halal/Kosher/SGS   Tetramisole hydrochloride is used as an anthelmintic in the treatment of many nematodes particularly in veterinary applications. Tetramisole is a racemic mixture. The levo-form, levamisole is more active. Anthelmintic (also spelled anthelminthic) is a chemical substance used to expel or destroy tapeworms in domestic animals.

  • Buparvaquone Powder CAS88426-33-9

    Buparvaquone Powder CAS88426-33-9

    Buparvaquone is a hydroxynaphthoquinone antiprotozoal drug related to parvaquone and atovaquone.Buparvaquone is a promising compound for the therapy and prophylaxis of all forms of theileriosis.Buparvaquone has been shown to have antileishmanial activity in vitro.Buparvaquone can be used to treat bovine.

  • Tropinone–CAS 532-24-1

    Tropinone–CAS 532-24-1

    Tropinone 532-24-1 is an alkaloid, famously synthesised in 1917 by Robert Robinson as a synthetic precursor to atropine, a scarce commodity during World War I. Tropinone 532-24-1 and the alkaloids and atropine all share the same tropane core structure. Tropinone 532-24-1 conjugate acid at pH 7.3 major species is known as tropiniumone.

  • Ethynyl Estradiol CAS 57-63-6

    Ethynyl Estradiol CAS 57-63-6

    Chemical properties: white to milky white crystalline powder. Melting point 145-146℃ (semi-hydrate). 182-184℃ (without water). Soluble in ethanol, propanol, ether, chloroform, dioxane, vegetable oil and sodium hydroxide solutions, almost insoluble in water. No smell. Use: This product is estrogen class medicine. It has the same effect as diethylstilbestrol but is 20 times more potent. Combined with progesterone contraceptives, Chemicalbook has a synergistic effect of inhibiting ovulation, enh...
  • Methylamine hydrochloride-CAC 593-51-1

    Methylamine hydrochloride-CAC 593-51-1

    Methylamine hydrochloride is a chemical with the formula H2Nch3.hcl.Used in medicine, pesticide, fuel and other organic synthesis of basic raw materials and oil fields.Easy to dissolve in water, 20% aqueous solution PH=4.0-4.7, insoluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, ethyl acetate, chloroform and acetone, easy to deliriate.

  • Sodium DichloroisocyanurateSDIC Cas 2893-78-9

    Sodium DichloroisocyanurateSDIC Cas 2893-78-9

    Used as industrial water disinfectant, drinking water disinfectant, swimming pool sterilization disinfectant, fabric finishing agent.

  • Aspartame CAS Number 22839-47-0

    Aspartame CAS Number 22839-47-0

    (1) Aspartame is a natural functional oligosaccharides, no tooth decay, pure sweetness, low moisture absorption, no sticky phenomenon. (2) Aspartame does not cause blood sugar significantly higher for diabetics. (3) Aspartame can be used in cakes, biscuits, bread, preparation of wine, ice cream, popsicles, drinks, candy, etc.

  • Acetaminophen-CAS 103-90-2

    Acetaminophen-CAS 103-90-2

    Paracetamol is a medicine that exerts analgesic (reduces pain) and antipyretic (reduces fever) activity, but does not possess anti-inflammatory activity.

  • Prilocaine Hydrochloride CAS1786-81-8

    Prilocaine Hydrochloride CAS1786-81-8

    Product Name: Propitocaine hydrochloride Synonyms: 2-(propylamino)-o-propionotoluidide hydrochloride;2-(propylamino)-o-propionotoluididmonohydrochloride;alpha-propylamine-2-methyl-propionanilidehydrochloride;citanesthydrochloride;l-67hydrochloride;Prilocaine HCL //Prilocaine;N-(o-tolyl)-2-(propylamino)propionamide hydrochloride;Prilocaine hydrochloride,N-(2-Methylphenyl)-2-(propylamino)propanamide hydrochloride CAS: 1786-81-8 MF: C13H21ClN2O MW: 256.77 EINECS: 217-244-0 Product...
  • Trimethylamine hydrochloride-CAS 593-81-7

    Trimethylamine hydrochloride-CAS 593-81-7

    Product Name: Trimethylamine hydrochloride Synonyms: FEMA3241;N,N-DIMETHYLMETHYLAMINEHCL;TRIMETHYLAMINEHYDROCHLORIDE;TRIMETHYLAMMONIUMCHLORIDE; TRIMETHYLAChemicalbookMINEHCL;TRIMETHYLAMINECHLORHYDRATE;Trimthylaminebydrochloride; Trimethylaminehydrochloride0.1MSolution CAS: 593-81-7 MW: 95.57 EINECS: 209-810-0 Product Categories: Amine salts; Chemical intermediates; Biochemical reagents; Chemical reagent; Chemical raw materials; Intermediate; Organic block; Nitrogen compounds; Gen...
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